SEVENFRIDAY Guitars are here to give you the right sound!

On 10th April 2016 the SEVENFRIDAY G1 was revealed. A few people we’re surprised it was not a watch but a bespoke, one of one guitar. Here’s everything you need to know about the SEVENFRIDAY G-Series.

SEVENFRIDAY is a lifestyle brand, uniting those who seize each and every day. We’ve been making industrial inspired watches for over two years now and wanted a new challenge. At the same time we were speaking to an old friend of the brand Shawn Stockman of Boys II Men. Having collaborated in 2014 on a SEVENFRIDAY watch for his foundation Micah’s Voice, we were keen to work together again on something new. Music resonated with everyone on the team so the idea to design a guitar inspired on our watches was formed.

We reached out to another friend, Reto Fürst who’s been building custom guitars with chart topping quality for over three decades. Over a whiskey one evening we floated the idea of a partnering to produce a SEVENFRIDAY guitar.

The SEVENFRIDAY design team used the Micah’s Voice watch as inspiration and applied the key design features to a blank guitar body. This is where Reto Fürst’s expertise came into play. Having spent over 30 years as a producer, recording artist and instrument builder to the stars, it’s safe to say we were in good hands! 

Fürst built the first SEVENFRIDAY guitar, the G1 Micah’s Voice edition by hand. It was later auctioned off at the annual Micah’s Voice fundraiser raising a strong amount of money for the foundation after being signed by a few people attending the event; Martin Lawrence, Bruno Mars etc.

Since then we have produced a G1 inspired by our P1/01 watch, a G2 inspired by the P2/01 and a Punk guitar, based on the M1/04 Punk watch. Fürst makes each SEVENFRIDAY guitar from scratch, cutting the body, crafting his patented head stock design, bolting on customised pickups, scratch plates and more, all tailored to each guitar’s individual inspiration.

We are planning to design more guitars using our watch collection as inspiration with legendary guitar builder Fürst producing them with us.

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