King of SEVENFRIDAY's Empire

At the top of the SevenFriday hierarchy undoubtedly sits the P-Series, and atop that hierarchy just might sit the PS2/01.

At the top of the SevenFriday hierarchy undoubtedly sits the P-Series, and atop that hierarchy just might sit the PS2/01. This watch flawlessly epitomizes everything we love about SevenFriday’s P-Series, and borrows some inspiration from the beloved S2/01, which is in fact one of my personal Daily Drivers. This watch is one of those pieces that’s really hard to critique, because it’s just a genuine home-run of a design. Someone tell the folks at SevenFriday to take an off-day, because they deserve it after this one. 

Adam Tuminaro reviews the PS2/01.

Perfectly aligned with its predecessors, the PS2/01 comes in at 47.6MM by 47MM, which is standard sizing for the P-Series from SevenFriday. The weight is perfectly balanced and feels excellent on the wrist. 

Powered by a Miyota 8S25, the automatic engine has a 40 hour power reserve, and has a water resistance rating of 3ATM. 

The case construction is a simplified 3 layers, featuring a flat top, stainless steel and Black PVD bezel, which matches our case back, crown, and buckle. 

The PS2/01 studio shot. 

The animation ring is where we see that S2/01 influence, boasting this gorgeous Double PVD antique brass finish, that adds a uniquely rigid, utilitarian element to this otherwise refined timepiece.

Inside the dial we have a variety of compounding finishes, including Rhodium on our hour and minute rings, gun metal layers, and tastefully placed bronze accents. And of course we have the Cotes de Geneve decor, in sandblasted Rhodium, which is this wavy metal texture seen on the 2nd layer of the dial. This particular texture provides such an authentic industrial feel, almost reminiscent of an aged metal roof. It’s one of the features that solidifies this design as such a rigid staple in the P-Series; timeless, classic aesthetics that sit seamlessly alongside hyper-modern design elements.

Ps2/01 side shot
PS2/01 product shot
PS2/01 side shot
Top: The PS2/01 side shot.
Middle: PS2/02 Product shot.
Bottom: Antique brass surrounding the 7F logo crown.

The strap on this watch is a black straight cut and padded calf skin leather, with tone on tone stitchings. The strap also features a genuine light sepia sided leather lining, which is hot-stamped with SevenFriday patterns.  

The case back of this watch features an NFC chip behind the globe, which enables you to scan your watch via your smartphone, and verify its authenticity instantly. This is all done within SevenFriday’s App, which is incredibly well designed, and can house a digital database for your entire SEVENFRIDAY collection. 

I don’t think I have the authority to crown any single watch as the King of SevenFriday’s empire. But I can say with certainty that the PS2/01 has earned it’s place as a strong front runner. Whether you value the strong industrial influence, the shameless utilitarianism, the refined masculinity, or the understated chic beauty, you will have a very hard time beating the PS2/01.

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