London Instagrammer Neil and how photography changed his life.

The #SEVENFRIDAYTOUR is all about traveling and meeting people who live their passion. On the London leg of the tour we met London Instagrammer @mumhad1ofthose to find out why his passion is photography, how he started and his top tips for aspiring photography bloggers.

Back in 2012 Neil was buying and selling cars when a collegue told him about the then new social platform Instagram. A budding photographer Neil threw himself into this social community, attending meetups, creating very specific hashtags and building friends around them.

What started out as a bit of fun following his passion for photography outside of work has now become a full time job for Neil who travels London shooting with different brands, companies and bloggers each day.

When you’re job is your passion, you’re never really ‘working’, it’s just another Friday filled with opportunity.

Neil’s account @mumhad1ofthose now has over 110,000 followers (at the time of writing). With hard work and persistence, his hobby has turned into a career. Follow his account here

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