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Clean, clean, clean.

That is the only word that comes to mind when I stare at the PS1/03 on my wrist.

Clean, clean, clean.

That is the only word that comes to mind when I stare at the PS1/03 on my wrist. SevenFriday is notorious for their well-executed complex designs, often inspired by feats of engineering. And while this watch does admittedly give a nod to the craft engineering, it also clearly prefers to gain attention via it’s aesthetics. I mean… how you can look THIS good without a little ego, right? Now the PS1/03 is most certainly nautically inspired, but not in the deep sea, stoic fisherman kind of way. This watch got its sea legs with the help of daddy’s personal trainer. And I don’t think any of us are complaining about that. 

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Perfectly aligned with it’s nautical sibling, the PS1/04, the PS1/03 comes in at 47.6MM by 47MM, which is standard sizing for the P-Series from SevenFriday. The weight is perfectly balanced and feels fantastic on the wrist. 

Powered by a Miyota 8S25, this automatic watch has a 40 hour power reserve, and has a water resistance rating of 3ATM; more than adequate for your next outing at sea, if you care to bring something this pretty to the open ocean. 

PS1/04 Side shot
Side view of the PS1/03.

What I love about this watch is the level of finely tuned details that it presents. The stainless steel bezel is both sand blasted and polished, with vertically brushed sidewalls.  The special animation ring is made out of 4 layers, with the central layer showing waxed American Walnut. 

The external layers of the animation ring are a white Corian, which boasts the classiest of clean matte finishes. Inside the dial, we have finishes ranging from Brushed Rhodium to Opaline Navy Blues, but nothing so complex that it detracts from the simplified luxury that this watch exudes. 

The strap on the PS1/03 is a suede straight cut padded leather, with tone on tone stitching. It feels great on the wrist, and helps to dress down this watch just a hair, as opposed to a leather strap. 

PS1/04 in action.

 PS1/03 in action. 

The case back of this watch is particularly unique, featuring an Anchor design, and of course the NFC chip, which is embedded behind that very anchor. This NFC Chip enables you to scan your watch via your smartphone, and verify its authenticity instantly. This is all done within SevenFriday’s App, which is incredibly well designed, and can house a digital database for your entire SevenFriday collection. 

The crown of this watch features the 7F logo, and it’s been tastefully filled in with a rich blue lacquer, which contrasts nicely agains the lighter matte white and walnut background. 

PS1/03 as a driver.

PS1/03 side shot.

Above: PS1/03 and a driver in action.
Bottom: PS1/03 side shot. 

For me the walnut background is the icing on the cake for this watch. It’s one of those features that doesn’t have to be there at all. The watch alone is just beautiful, with the rich navy blues, a clean white bezel, and the stainless accents, but when you make that slight pivot of the wrist, and flash that gorgeous Waxed Walnut ring, you realize that this watch is just a level up from what you expected.

So if you’re feeling shamelessly classy and freshly showered, you might just find yourself worthy of this painfully clean timepiece from SevenFriday.  I don’t think it’s nautical inspiration requires that you hit that water, but you sure as hell better act like you own an expensive boat. It’s the least you can do if this beauty is your date for the night. 

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