Emails are ok, phone calls are good, Facetime is better, but connecting with somebody in person, that’s the best! At SEVENFRIDAY we really believe that, and that’s why we’re encouraging people to go and see their friends, family, and loved ones in person. Especially when that means travelling somewhere to do it!

SEVENFRIDAY celebrates this idea with the S1/03 Gate 07, the latest Off-Series exclusively available at DFS stores! We’re also simultaneously launching the DFS reward program. Starting from November 9th exclusively at DFS Hong Kong and Macao, and from November 23rd onwards at DFS Singapore and all other DFS points of sale, those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 250 watches will benefit from the program.

When they use the SEVENFRIDAY App in conjunction with their purchase at one of the dedicated DFS Check-in Stations within the DFS shop they will receive a SEVENFRIDAY travel pouch.

Connecting with people through travel is the best, and that’s something we are delighted to reward!

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