United faces of SEVENFRIDAY

Undeniably the most fashionable “nerds” in town! For the shooting of “the nerdy” glasses we turned to none other than our own team at the SEVENFRIDAY HQ.

Now, I am in no way suggesting the office is made up of a bunch of nerds, I wouldn't want them all to show up at my doorstep after reading this, but everyone has a nerdy side to them!

We picked some volunteers at the office and dressed them in what could be referred to as the classic nerd uniform: a shirt buttoned up to the top, a round neck sweater and of course, not to forget, a pair of rounded glasses.

The backgrounds were kept simple and monochromatic and the focus was on the facial expressions, with the exception of the odd prop, such as a calculator or dictionary or even with the 7F dog!

If this is what nerdy looks like, it’s time to hit the books because glasses have never looked cooler!

Come to think of it, I know I said the SEVENFRIDAY team aren’t nerdy but they were all suspiciously good at selling us the nerd “illusion”...

The pictures speak louder than words, after taking a peek I know you’re going to want to join the tribe of nerds as much as I do! 2020 is the revival of the nerds!


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