So we buy a fifty-year-old vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, give it the SEVENFRIDAY once-over touch and set off on a road trip across France. It’s not normal, we know…

But in every madcap idea there must be substance…

This was our journey to launch the new T-Series inspired by the Normandy landscape which also happens to be the birthplace of our ‘Prize Nerd' designer Arnaud Duval. Five guys, three languages, a trunk load of camera gear and the coolest car to turn heads, this was the epic SEVENFRIDAY Tour De France, which started in Cherbourg and ended in Condom (very safe there) and took in more than 30-plus hours on the roads, complete with unbelievable footage.

A visit to Arnaud’s childhood home and to his father Jacques revealed early signs of his ‘geekiness’ - we were disappointed to only find pictures of technical stuff in his bedroom, along with punchy psychedelic wallpaper - then drove along the Northern coast to launch the very cool Tiny shades. Live on our socials, from the back seat of the ‘Roller', we unveiled the sunglasses, which give a nod to a retro 1920s style but with our signature industrial vibe and carrying our classic cushion shape frame - the green and blue pieces inspired by the definitive lines between land and sea.

After hitting the beach for drinks with friends in Carteret and a seafood dinner not to forget (for many reasons) we made our way down to La Rochelle and the island of Île de Ré where, en route, we launched the next part of the T-Series, the T2/01 and T3/01 watches, live to our followers. With a smaller dial face and thinner strap, the watches are flexible for all-day wearing and again inspired by the landscape. The T-Series is smaller, thinner and lighter than other SEVENFRIDAY watch series.

Waking up to rain, we decided to get back on the road early to chase a bit of sun and capture some cool footage, this time heading to the small town of Condom in the South West. We got the jokes out of the way, before heading over to the amazing Château de Gensac vineyard where the spirit of SEVENFRIDAY played out as we enjoyed time with our close friends Jan and Kim Schürmann over dinner. The Château, where we have our very own wine made, also became the perfect back-drop to capture drone footage of the ‘Roller’ as well as cool moving and still imagery in and around the 300-plus Hectares of land.

An end of tour dinner at the Château, involving a Frenchman flossing and some spontaneous Opera singing which frightened the life out of us, marked the end of a tiring but brilliant trip to launch a product that we are proud of. So with withdrew from Condom (ahem) and said Au Revoir to France. Until the next time….check out the photographs.

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