The SEVENFRIDAY team took to the road in our version of the batmobile, the iconic rolls royce. The destination was an idyllic restored farmhouse in the heart of tuscany, secluded amongst olive trees and wilderness.

Why Tuscany of all places you may ask? It perfectly embodies the #liveSEVENFRIDAY mindset! The paradise of fine wine, hearty italian food and a culture of enjoyment. Imagine this: an authentic italian dinner followed by authentic italian wine, which, truth be told, after a few glasses may be difficult to distinguish from any other wine, followed by a good night's sleep and a day relaxing by the pool or maybe even sightseeing (if the headache isn’t too strong).

The Tuscany road trip leaded us to the next SEVENFRIDAY stop!! We can't tell you know, but the wait will be worth it! Stay tuned!

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