The perennially popular P-Series is off to the races with two new additions – the P3B/03 Yellow and the P3B/06 Red Racing Team.

The P3B/03 Yellow, and the P3B/06 Red Racing Team are an homage to perhaps the most celebrated relationship between Mankind and Machine; the love and excitement we have for race cars!

The love of automotive racing strikes pretty early in life, regardless of whether it’s F1, Le Mans or the dueling hotrods of American folklore. The graphic design of both pieces speak to the colors worn by both racer and machine.

We know it takes a team to produce the best, whether that’s a watch, a pair of sunglasses, a bracelet, or a high-speed performance racer.

The P3B/03 Yellow and P3B/06 Red Racing Team pieces are evocative of the emotion and exhilaration that pulses through us with the revving of an engine, or the smell of gasoline as the pit crew refuels.

Every aesthetic detail of the watches is an intricate representation of high performance motor racing, from the carbon fiber interface, to the leather and silicone color coordinated strap. We know you expect this level of thought and dedication from everything we make, and it’s our pleasure to provide it for you.

There’s no greater way to #liveSEVENFRIDAY than to let your passions permeate into every part of your life!

The P3B/03 Yellow and the P3B/06 Red Racing team will be going head to head for the checkered flag in May 2018. So Ladies and Gentleman, pick your team and START YOUR ENGINES!

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