Distinguished Carbon Pair

Today we’re talking about two new entries from SevenFriday, in the PS3/01 and the PS3/02. This slick pair of siblings have been nicknamed Jade and Ruby, respectively.

Today we’re talking about two new entries from SevenFriday, in the PS3/01 and the PS3/02. This slick pair of siblings have been nicknamed Jade and Ruby, respectively. Now the standout feature of this pair is undoubtedly the Carbon cases, which we’ll dive farther into soon. But to me, these fall in a very modern position within the SevenFriday line up. If you’re hunting for a watch that sleek, stylish, and professionally urban, you may have found your match here.

Adam Tuminaro provides an awesome review of our latest carbon collection. 

Standard for SevenFriday’s P-Series sizing, this watch comes in at 47.6MM by 47mm. The weight feel excellent: not so heavy that it’s cumbersome, but certainly substantial.

Starting with the case of the watch, we have Black PVD, and that finish is also matched on the crown and buckle. While PVD coating is frequently used by SevenFriday because of it’s durability, this might be the simplest texture you’ll find on the Jade and the Ruby, aside from the Stainless Steel case back. 

PS3/01 Carbon Blue
Carbon Red Studio Shot

Above: PS3/01 Jade Carbon side shot. Bottom: PS3/02 Ruby Carbon. 

As we move to the Bezel and Animation ring, it’s here we find our genuine Carbon Fiber. Now carbon fiber is an interesting material, because it comes in 5 times stronger than steel, while being significantly lighter; making it a popular choice in high end motorsports, aerospace engineering, and even military applications. The catch, of course, is that Carbon Fiber is expensive. 

For me, the motorsports application of Carbon Fiber always comes to mind first, and maybe that’s because movies like the Fast and Furious, and games like Need For Speed were so popular when I was growing up. If you had a Carbon Fiber hood on your car in my high school, we knew you had a fast car. 

Carbon collection

 Above: PS3/01 Jade Carbon and PS3/02 Ruby Carbon. 

But SevenFriday has frequently leaned into their engineering, industrial, and even automotive influence over the years. While this watch isn’t explicitly influenced by the automotive industry, I could see these pieces on my wrist when I walk into a car dealership, shopping for a new Audi R8 or BMW M5. Something about these pieces screams speed, modern luxury, and a classiness that’s particularly sporty in nature.

Now it’s not just the Carbon Fiber that gives these watches their sporty appeal. We have a number of particularly modern textures and finishes that contribute to the streamlined approach of the PS3/01 and 02. Across our bezel, seated within the Carbon Fiber, we have nice white highlight in Fiber Resin. The case also features polished, brushed, and sandblasted metal; all of which contribute to the complex aesthetic that SevenFriday is known for. 

The 7F logo on the crown is always a nice touch, and on these models, the crown has been refilled with a rich black lacquer. The glossy finish really helps distinguish the crown from the Carbon Fiber behind it. 


PS3/01 Jade Carbon

PS3/02 Ruby Carbon

Jade Carbon

PS3/02 Ruby Carbon

Top: PS3/01 Jade Carbon.
Second: PS3/02 Ruby Carbon.
Third: PS3/01 on carbon.
Bottom: PS3/02 Ruby Carbon as a daily driver

Now inside the dials of these watches we find some impressive complexities, even by SevenFriday standards. There are 4 layers of construction here, starting with the cut out grid in a concrete gray color, on the first layer. This deeply skeletonized, or “cut-out” layer falls right in line with the conceptual application of carbon fiber; minimizing weight, while retaining strength.

Our minute and second hands both feature a prominent red and green respectively, which is complimented by the colored portion of the outer ring, displaying a matching color from 8 o-clock to 12 o-clock. 

Now one could write a 10 page essay on the design details of these watch’s faces, but I can’t move on until we’ve talked about the luminous, or glow in the dark finishes that have been applied. I think these highlights are done quite tastefully, and I love that they are visible even in low lighting, not just total darkness. I thought this was a very cool easter egg to find in these watches. 

As seen in every genuine SevenFriday watch, you’ll find an NFC chip embedded behind the globe of the case back, which enables you to scan your watch via your smartphone, and verify its authenticity instantly. This is all done within SevenFriday’s App, which is incredibly well designed, and highly functional. 

NFC Chip

NFC chip on the back of PS3/02. 

The straps of these watches feature a genuine calfskin leather base, an in-layed ultra microfiber, and a black suede lining.  The straps feel fantastically heavy duty, yet soft on the wrist, and compliment the watches very well.

Now as most watch fans know, there’s a time and place for every watch in your collection. The classy piece for the dinner parties, the rugged watch for camping trips, and even that old beat up timepiece for mowing the lawn. For me, both the PS3/01 and 02 strike me as incredibly sleek and modern pieces that make a statement encompassing sleek style, sporty class, and a touch of youthful risk taking. 

What event might call for such a watch? That my friends, is up to you.

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