For some, touring the world playing bass and singing backing vocals for Courtney Love would be enough but Jennie Vee has her eyes set on a solo career. With Love saying “Jennie’s the real deal”, we follow Jennie’s battle to make it alone in the music industry. The life of a rockstar is an aspiration that a lot of us have shared at one point in our lives. Playing music in–front of thousands of people on stage, touring the world and making music people can relate to. These are all things Jennie Vee does on a daily basis being bass guitarist for Courtney Love but it’s Jennie’s passion to go further that grabbed our attention.

"Die Alone' slowly ripples with reverb drenched guitars that shimmer against warm vocals"

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This hard work paid off as her first EP titled Die Alone was released in October 2014. Jennie hit the road again this summer as Courtney Love teamed up with Lana Del Ray for the ‘Endless Summer’ tour opening May 2015 in Houston. While travelling to and from the other seven cities on tour Jennie was again writing new material, recording and collaborating wherever her schedule allowed.

Playing bass for one of rocks biggest names is not enough for Jennie, she has her eyes set on becoming an established singer songwriter in her own right and has been working tirelessly to make it happen. While touring with Courtney Love in 2014 Jennie was playing in-front of thousands of fans then in-between traveling from venue to venue she’d get back to work writing and recording her own material.

Jennie released SPYING LP in October 2015 The determination Jennie shows in following her passion and not settling for the easy option is a very Sevenfriday concept attitude. Working hard, never settling, traveling the world and always pushing your limits. You can listen to Jennie Vee’s new album Spying on bandcamp and keep up to date via her Instagram.

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