A live and immersive SEVENFRIDAY art show in Chengdu, a definite must-see!

We have created what we refer to as the Chengdu Art livingroom. Imitating what we think a SEVENFRIDAY living room would look like, the setup consists of a sitting area and displays for our watches set against a graffiti piece featuring the Chengdu mascot, the panda!

Not only is it cool to look at, the SEVENFRIDAY Chengdu Art living room is also an immersive experience where you can watch in awe as graffiti artists work on a mural right in front of you as well as get creative yourself and challenge your artistic abilities!

We offer all kinds of cut outs and templates for you to experiment with. The Chengdu Art living room is a place for like minded creatives and SEVENFRIDAY enthusiasts to meet and watch art unfold as well as try their own hand at graffiti.

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