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The V3/01 is the engine inspired watch of the V-series. Paying homage to the functionality and design of speedometers, it features a gun metal case coated in gun metal PVD. The four layers of alternating black and grey discs with red and blue elements use the “additioner principle” to indicate time by adding 0+, 4+ and 8+ to the 0-4 scaled 120° hour indicator and summing 00, 20+, 40+ on the 00-20 seconds disc.

Equipped with the FAST Strap Changer (FSC), the “quick release” pins can be removed without special tools.
Size: 44.3mm x 53.2mm including the crown

Case: Stainless steel circular case with square edges and gun metal PVD treatment.

Bezel: Vertical brushed stainless steel.

Caseback: Polished stainless steel.

Glass: Specially hardened domed mineral glass.
Four layers of alternating black and silver colored discs with white colored SEVENFRIDAY logo at the 9H mark below the DAY and NIGHT indicator.

Hours: Matt black hour disc with white printed 0+, 4+, 8+ and hour tracks.

Minutes: Circular brushed gun metal dial ring with inner black dial and white printed minute tracks. Matt silver minute hand with red printed tip.

Seconds: Vertical satined grey plate with black printed numbers from 00 to 20.

Day and Night display. Satined grey color plate with blue printed DAY and black printed NIGHT insignia. Additioner System

A turning matt black central disc with gold printed 0+, 4+, 8+ indicates the amount to be added to the 0-4 scale to tell the hour. A turning matt grey central disc with white printed 00, 20+, 40+ indicates the amount to be added to the 00-20 scale to indicate the seconds.
The NFC Chip embedded behind the globe allows authenticity verification via the SEVENFRIDAY Android App and authorized retailers
Strap: Black padded semi-matt leather strap and black stitching.

Water resistance: 3ATM. Splash / Rain resistant. No swimming. No diving

Engine: Automatic movement. Miyota 82S7. 40H Power reserve

Fast strap changer equipped. Quick release pushers located on left side of case.

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Meet Döttling - the safe maker for all!

Carrying high valued pieces from A to Z is Döttling's speciality

On a brisk but beautiful morning in Zurich the office was alive with action as we brought together the whole SEVENFRIDAY collection for a very special photoshoot. We had arranged to meet with Döttling, a luxury company who make bespoke safes for watches, jewellery and other high value items. They had just finished work on arguably their most ambitious project to date, a behemoth of a safe boasting room for 24 different watches, all with winding function.

We assembled the full SEVENFRIDAY collection, taking up 4 whole watch rolls and carefully secured them into the boot of our vehicle for the day and what a vehicle it was! Our SEVENFRIDAY V3/01 was right at home in the stunningly futuristic BMW i8.

We cruised through Zurich in this turbocharged 1.5-litre electric supercar making our way to the autobahns of Germany and on to Döttling’s Stuttgart office. Thanks to the i8’s sport mode bringing the 0–100km/h down to 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 250km/h, the autobahn quickly disappeared and we arrived at our destination for the day.

Meeting the Döttling team they introduced us to their latest creation, standing around 1.5m tall, with bulletproof frosted glass door operated by a fingerprint scanner, it was hard not to be impressed. This was a safe to be celebrated in the centre of a room rather than hidden behind a fake bookcase.

With the click of a button, the opaque glass instantly became transparent and we could see the 24 different watch slots. After opening the 3 inch thick, bulletproof glass door we were greeted with four drawers below the 24 watch winders and a number of secret panels. The safe can be customised to open with a keypad, combination or via thumb print scanner which is what this particular prototype was fitted with

The journey back was a blast once again as the i8 stealthily snuck out of Stuttgart to tear up the autobahn on the way back to Zürich. Even after driving it aggressively for the whole 400km round trip we didn’t have to stop for fuel once! For more information on Döttling and their bespoke safes take a look at their website.