Rubber strap black, red stitching

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24 to 28 mm
85 to 125 mm


The SEVENFRIDAY S3/01 makes a power statement

We’re pleased to announce the S3/01. This watch is the second in the new S-Series and pays homage to the brand’s infamous rounded square box with an animation ring that takes it into pole position.

The S3/01 lifts the hood on the sophisticated construct of engineering and design. With the hood lifted, the connection between the engine and the chassis is revealed … the engine mount also known as the silent block. This correlation is on spectacular display in the manufacture of the S3/01. The EPDM animation ring and crown protector serves the encasement well with power from the engine movement transferred smoothly to the multi-level interface, matt red hour hand and rhodium minute hand.

The S3/01 is where the rubber meets the chassis. The power of the well-constructed engine, chassis and engine block validates the industrial engine entry for the S-Series.. The timepiece appeals to car aficionados, design enthusiasts and techies alike. The S3/01 is a watch for admirers of fast moving cars and unconventional thinking.

All in all the S3/01 is a power statement only SEVENFRIDAY can achieve. It is a standout in design and function which makes it easy to separate this timepiece from its counterparts. The EPDM animation ring and crown protector, open work design and industrial engine inspiration act to ensure the smooth transfer of power.

The S3/01 ships worldwide on 5th May.