Like nothing else on earth the Bonneville Salt Flats are a natural illustration of contrast. Nothing can describe the experience of standing on 30,000 perfectly flat acres of pristine white salt beneath 11,000 foot mountain peaks so large that they appear to be floating. The Bonneville Salt Flats and the Great Salt Lake are remnants of ancient Lake Bonneville. During spring and summer, the water slowly evaporates while winds smooth the surface into a vast, nearly perfect flat plain. 

This phenomenon has created a perfect stage for high speed auto racers. The main event of the year is the Bonneville Speed Week where 600 racers from around the world try to break land speed records in their category or simply try to achieve a personal goal. There is no area in the world better to achieve record straight line speeds. 

To launch our off-series watch P3C/01 “Hot Rod” we join Hakan Karlen from Stockholm in his first appearance on the salt. He has been a fan of Hot Rod customisation and racing ever since he saw the 1973 movie American Graffiti by George Lucas and went to see the races in Bonneville for many years, dreaming to one day race himself. 

When he had the chance to buy a legendary Hot Rod that achieved 6 records in the late 80s Hakan decided to buy it and build in a new engine. In August 2016 Hakan took on the Bonneville challenge with 3 good friends supported by his wife. We follow him as he goes through licensing rounds and finally gets a chance “to go fast”!

We just wanna go fast!

Hakan Karlen