The M3/01 spaceship inspired edition is ready for take-off


The SEVENFRIDAY M3/01 Spaceship inspired edition is literally and metaphorically, firing on all cylinders into our world and beyond!

There is something about the sheer immensity of space travel that the M3/01 evokes. It brings you back to the joy of watching your first sci-fi movie as an excited kid!

Striker red detailing against the multi-level grey steel plates of the dial brings to mind the control panel of every celebrated spaceship of the big and small screen. Indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds, the three overlapping discs feel like they’re counting down to some intergalactic finale in Outer Space.

The matt black silicone animation ring looks as great today on the wrist of any denizen of earth as it would have a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The y-wing construction makes the watch sit so neatly on the wrist that it won’t encumber any movement of the hand.

The NFC chip, unique to SEVENFRIDAY, allows you to track the provenance of your watch should it have been purchased in Zurich, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Alderon.

The black calf leather and silicone strap stay true to the industrial identity of the series, while still revelling in a futuristic aesthetic. For what is space travel, if not the progression of industry into the final frontier?

That drive to find something new, to be a part of moving forward, in space, and time, and technology, that’s kinda who we are at SEVENFRIDAY.

Wearing a watch that reflects the vibe of space travel as viewed through generations of drama, that’s living your happiness. That’s #liveSEVENFRIDAY!