Get on the Choo Choo!

The Q2/03 Choo-Choo is at the station

The decision to introduce you to the new SEVENFRIDAY Q2/03 Choo-Choo Edition using the phrase “All Aboard…” was deemed just way too obvious for us at SEVENFRIDAY, so instead we’re going to focus on a small piece of history.

In 1842 Queen Victoria of Great Britain and its empire became the first monarch to travel by rail, at that time the fastest, most technologically advanced mode of transport.

The train she took from London to Windsor Castle was the first example of rail travel merging seamlessly with luxury.

The raw mechanical power of locomotive steam engines, with the pumping of pistons and the cacophonous clang of heavy machinery, combined with the dark leather and mahogany of royal carriages.

That’s what we’ve channeled into our latest piece in the Q-Series. We’re celebrating the mechanical force required to propel the first class dining car of the Orient Express across Europe. The sheer might of the engine that drove whisky swilling travelers on the Flying Scotsman.

Elements of the train drivers dials and apparatus are incorporated into the design of the Q2/03 Choo-Choo Edition so it represents both the oil streaked practicality of rail travel, with the white linen service of another era.