Pistons and Plumbers as bracelets? Oh my!

SEVENFRIDAY bracelets that take their name and inspiration from the tools and gadgets that make things work.

SEVENFRIDAY is pleased to announce the launch of the SEVENFRIDAY Bracelet collections called the Piston and the Plumber. Expanding to a new way of expressing ones personal #liveSEVENFRIDAY lifestyle, the new Bracelet product category is by far the most versatile collection of the brand to be an add-on to any outfit of the day.

The Piston and Plumber bracelet series are a decorative homage to the unintended beauty of practical design, the style of form being determined by function.

The Piston is an aesthetically reimagined representation of the 5 cylinder valve that has powered mankind on its journeys of discovery both metaphorical and actual. It’s a stylized representation of the technology that pushed steam engines across continents and forged creations that have propelled us into a future of boundless technological possibility.

The Plumber is an ornament in honor of the seemingly humble construction of plumbing that enables us to live the lives we do today. Thanks to the mile upon mile of hexagonal prisms that span oceans and encircle the globe we are able to move natural commodities like gas and oil with ease and safety. That something so pragmatic should also be so alluring is a wonder of design.

Both lines come in three different variations that already exist in the SEVENFRIDAY design universe.

Industrial Essence

Highlighting the universal nature of stainless steel and how it is essential to modern day industry.

Industrial Revolution

A retrospective look at the materials that started it all. A visual nod to the brass fittings and fixtures of the revolution that brought machinery to the world.

Industrial Engine

The black PVD and red anodized elements speak the more current era of engine design.

We all live in a world of stunning beauty, whether it is unseen or visible, small or big. You need to look around and take joy in the design and style of everything that surrounds you, even the most everyday items, because that is what happiness is about. Because that is living SEVENFRIDAY.