Mozart meets Metallica

Soft and heavy tones are fusioning during this epic night!

With cello and guitar we rock (Chris and Phil) through all musical eras and combine fine classical melodies with brutal rock riffs and epic film scores. The feeling of our live concerts is like the feeling of wearing my P1B/01: a classic piece full of rock n ‘roll with a bite, adrenaline and vision. “Show me do not tell me” is also true “on stage”: wild cello solos meet with lyrical moments and even Mozart would have lost his wig sheer head banging.

During our years of study at the conservatory for classical music our paths never crossed. Too tight were the restrictions in order to acquire our diplomas, the combination of cello and guitar wasn’t embraced by the ladies and gentlemen – the experts, the professors. Not enough repertoire, not enough standards.

To this day the work and consultation at our sound studio remains intense. Of course, this happens in the background and not in plain view of the stage. However, out there in the limelight, we rock. We connect all the categories in music, from classical music via film score and all the way to rock music, thereby devising new combinations in music.