Colors all over!

We took the HDB to the Holi Festival

Holi is the celebration of colours and sharing of love, a spring festival celebrated in India, Nepal and now the world over. The two-day festival traces its history from ancient times and is unbelievable fun!

The Holi Festival in Kuala Lumpur takes place each year in March with thousands of people celebrating this special event, perfect for an HDB #destresstest. This year the festival made history with an unbelievable 6,000 people attending!

The bright coloured powder you see is called “gulal” and it is literally everywhere. We deployed two Sevenfriday HDBs for a Holi #destresstest to share the joy and celebration of colours and love.

HDB analysis

Colour resistance = passed

Water resistance = passed

39 degrees heat = sweaty, sticky and unforgettable, Happy Holi!