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The HDB takes you to a deeper place!

Those who have grown up by the ocean will understand that loving the water comes a place beyond the mind. I can’t say what draws me to the waves, only that the urge is a primal one.

I grew up on Key Biscayne FL and owned a 13ft Boston whaler; She was small but sturdy, and offered me a rare freedom at a young age. The island has always been a haven for boating, and my lifelong compulsion to be in the water was fostered by its strong and rich fishing culture.

Now, that passion has taken me to seas well beyond where I come from: Costa Rica, Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, and every island chain in the Bahamas. Spearfishing became the focus of my pursuits around the age of twelve. I set a world record for the King Mackerel in the Men’s primitive free diving category, and fish in the professional sailfishing circuit with team Seahunter.

"Plainly stated, where there is water, I am home."

Miami Skin Diver

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