The Big Block!

Limited to 350 pieces, the P3/BB takes inspiration from famous American Muscle Cars of the 60s.

Inspired by the famous American muscle cars of the 60s, this SEVENFRIDAY Off-Series pays homage to huge engines and roaring exhausts. The P3/BB throws back to a time when American car builders mixed large engines with lightweight bodies, two magical ingredients that resulted in legendary road machines. The SEVENFRIDAY P3/BB is limited to just 350 pieces worldwide, this is written on the interface and each piece has it’s specific model number out of 350 on the caseback making each piece unique to it’s owner.

This Off-Series features a black PVD animation ring with two raised metallic red racing stripes like the Mustangs and Camaros of old. The racing stripes continue across the interface for a striking contrast to the otherwise black face. The hour hand is highlighted in blue and painted in lume as are the 12 hour indicators, making these features glow like headlights in the dark to allow for easier reading in low light . The black calfskin leather strap is padded like the seats of classic muscle cars.

The Big Block holds a special place in Sevenfriday history being the most gnarly piece we’d ever made at the time of release, raising a glass to the American muscle car!