The Sevenfriday Spaces Experience

It all started with a pretty simple idea. Create a space for likeminded people, energized by the wonder of design, to hangout.

That was the initial idea behind the SEVENFRIDAY Space.

Now that simple idea has grown to represent every aspect of the SEVENFRIDAY brand, and we are up to 17 Spaces and counting!

The Spaces started in Jakarta, Indonesia back in 2016 with a design and a mindset that is now captivating people on 3 different continents.

The décor, a combination of wood, steel, and concrete is immediately representative of the industrial chic that SEVENFRIDAY products are famous for. It’s the perfect environment for SEVENFRIDAY watches, but we didn’t set out to create a cool watch shop. We set out to do more than that.

At mostly all of our spaces across the world you will find great food, live music, fantastic drinks, and a constant supply of ever changing artworks from our favourite genres.

While they do play host to limited edition retail opportunities and product launches for collaborative leather jackets, bracelets, sunglasses, and of course watches, it’s as much about the vibe as it is the buying.

We love that we get to bring this to people all around the world too, because a world in which people are living passionately is definitely a world where cultures connect and exchange. As it says on the walls of all our spaces “Show me don’t tell me”.

So if you find yourself in (Take a big breath!) Abu Dhabi Bahrain Beijing Cheng Du Dubai Hong Kong Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Mexico City Pune Shenzhen Singapore Suzhou Taipei Xian Yangon Or last but not least, our home town of Zurich Then we’d love to see you so you can get in on the action. Look us up, come on down and meet some like minded people who are living everyday like it’s Friday!