Team Building 2018

At SEVENFRIDAY we preach a lot about living your passion. About getting out in the world and embracing the things that excite you. About taking everyday like its Friday afternoon and you’re getting out of the office to go do your thing!

Lots of brands talk like that. Talking a good game does not make us different. It does not make us special. What makes us special is that we live that way.

SEVENFRIDAY has a mantra “Show me, don’t tell me”. So we thought we’d do that.

Last week our Zurich contingent got out of the office and went to revel in some of the elements that the brand have been really into lately.

So 11am everybody jumped in the back of the SEVENFRIDAY Pinzgauer, our customised all-terrain military vehicle, for the drive from SEVENFRIDAY HQ to our city centre entertainment SEVENFRIDAY Space at Bahnhofstrasse 3. The first focus was “Me, Myself, and the Music” with some of the talented Swiss musicians The Rising Lights and Silayne, two of the groups from our ongoing concert series InTune. This led on to an early lunch of Vietnamese street food, the current cuisine at our SEVENFRIDAY Space in Zurich.

Then the team were back in the Pinzgauer to head to the One Truth Studio, masterminded by Pase who is curating the street art exhibitions being hosted at SEVENFRIDAY Space Zurich.

Rather than breakout the spray paint immediately the guys engaged in a mindfulness yoga session run by Sinah Diepold. If by any chance you’re reading this from Munich, where Sinah is based then you need to get yourself to one of her “Explore Your Fit” sessions.

Clemens, our Sales and Marketing guru at SEVENFRIDAY described it as “an overwhelming flow of love and positive energy” which everyone agreed was a pretty great way of putting it!

Then the graffiti happened! SEVENFRIDAY has always felt a connection to the crazy creativity of street art. It just really works for us, and whether its cause or effect, the people who work for us were also pretty damned good at creating street art. We hire talented people!

With the smell of solvents in the air, it was more contemplation and stretching with Sinah to round out the One Truth Studio part of the day. Energized and inspired, it was back into the van, kinda like the A Team, but with watches, off on its next adventure. In this case a swim at Werdinsel.

When everybody had dried off we revved up the Pinzgauer for our final destination; dinner at Kaufleuten!

It’s important to us at SEVENFRIDAY that you know that we don’t just tell you to live passionately because it makes for a good marketing narrative. We implore you to do it because we do, and it makes us happy, and we want you to be happy too.

For us that happiness is tricked out military vehicles, live music, street art, street food, and mindfulness. For you it might be something else, but whatever it is, get out there and do it. Get out there and live SEVENFRIDAY!