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The Jumper JMP2/01 bracelet deconstructs the push-pull mechanism between the locomotive, the railroad cars and the cab car for the transmission of head end power. With signature industrial revolution elements of antique brass closures at each against a modern metal cable strap, the drive train fully connects with a triple strand e ect.
Closure: Decorative positive (+) and negative (-) signs on each end lock when the negative (-) clasp is inserted into the positive (+) end.

Elements: signature industrial revolution elements of antique brass closures

Straps: Braided fine metal cable in red creates a contrast of hard and soft; metal and antique.
S 15 (Wrist diameter in cm)

M 17 (Wrist diameter in cm)

L 19 (Wrist diameter in cm)

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The Jumper bracelets collection is a boost to your wrist

The new SEVENFRIDAY Jumper connects to the idea that there’s something special about the transfer of power, of the sharing of power and energy that brings us together.

It could be the metaphorical spark between two people meeting for the first time, or a literal extending of electricity to a previously disconnected outpost.

The JUMPER emulates the 20th century design classic that is the jumper cable. Stainless steel alligator with the negative and positive charges forming the SEVENFRIDAY logo. It’s symbolic of our way of staying connected, of being energized, and kind of coming to the rescue.

Like when you’ve got a flat car battery in the rain and a helpful stranger drives up and announces “I’ve got jumper cables”.

This is the SEVENFRIDAY way of saying, “Don’t worry man, we got this. You’re gonna be all good !”