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24 to 28 mm
85 to 125 mm

UAE Edition

Abu Dhabi opens first UAE based SEVENFRIDAY Boutique

Our newest Sevenfriday boutique, located in Abu Dhabi, is now open. At the launch party we released our newest Sevenfriday Off-Series, the M1/02-UAEE. The watch has a number of different references that pay homage to the UAE culture and arcitecture. The M1/02-UAEE is limited to 71 pieces only. This is a reference to the year 1971 in which the UAE gained their independence with late founder Sheikh Zayed.

The disk indicating the seconds of the watch is inspired by The Sheikh Zayed Mosque located in Abu Dhabi and features images of the Mosque’s famous domes.

The minute and hour disks of this watch are written in Hindu-Arabic which is the main system for symbolic representation of numbers in the UAE.

The side plate is engraved with two Arabian Falcons, one of the country’s oldest traditional icons which are used by many different organisations within the UAE society. This plate is also engraved with Arabic/Hindi numbers which display the watch’s model number out of the total 71 pieces.

The caseback is engraved, firstly with the UAE flag in colour and secondly with the famous Al Jahili Fort, the oldest fort in the UAE located in Al Ain. This is the same fort the UAE president was born and raised in.